Create Keyboard Shortcut For A Website

Most of us knows how to create a bookmark of a specific webpage in a traditional browser, but to open a bookmark you need to open your browser first and then you can launch that bookmarked page.


  • How handy it will be if we can just hit few keys from the keyboard and the website will popup in front of you in your favorite browser ?

Sounds good !! isn’t it ?

Of course !! Nobody wants to type long Website Address again and again in a day.

So, here i am going to show you a quick way to create a shortcut of any website address and then launch that shortcut by pressing few combination of keys.

Step-1 :

Right-Click on your Desktop and choose “New” then “Shortcut” a shortcut window will appear


Step-2 :

Type the required website address in the shortcut location box and then Click “Next”


Step-3 :

Now type name of the shortcut “Google Search Engine” and Click “Finish”


Step-4 :

After the above step you can see a shortcut on your Desktop called “Google Search Engine” Right-Click on it and Go to “Properties”


Step-5 :

Create a shortcut key combination by pressing “Shift + Alt +G” Key from your keyboard.


Step-6 :

Let’s Try the shortcut key from keyboard by pressing “Shift + Alt +G” it should launch browser with “” page opened.


Great it’s working fine..!

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