Quick Guide to Enable Java on Chrome browser you can run java applets within the browser using the Java Runtime Environment JRE.

Why we need Java Plugin in Chrome?

We need to understand the concept of java Applets, it is actually a java program that runs on a website, so if we want to visit a website that has java program embedded on chrome browser we must have java enabled on chrome.


Does Chrome support Java?

Earlier if we want to run java applets on chrome browser we need to install NAPI(Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface).

But back on 24th November 2014, (Read More) it was disabled as pe chrome’s depreciation plan.

As they move on they decided to unpublished NAPI from Chrome Webstore since April 2015 due to security reasons.

In this guide I will show you the trick how we can still install java for chrome browser.

Enable Java For Chrome Browser

1. Install Java on your PC

Go to Official Oracle Java Download Page and download the latest release which currently Java SE 14.0.1.

2. Install IE Tab Chrome Extention

IE Tab Chrome extension will show the web pages using Internet Explorer within the Chrome Browser and allows you to open Java and Silverlight.

Simply install it as we do for any other chrome extensions.


3. Now once it is installed click on the extension icon on your browser’s extensions bar.

You will see the Internet Explorer window will open inside the chrome since internet explorer still supports java it will load the java applets in it using the IE engine.

4. Open the java test page and confirm your java version.

Enable java on Chrome
enable java for chrome

It will start downloading the Java Plugin for chrome browser and then you can follow the simple installation steps.

enable java chrome

Once the installation is done you can proceed for step number 5 and verify your browser’s Java plugin.

5. You will see the java version displayed in your browser that means java has been successfully installed.

if you can see the green tick mark that means java Plugin has been installed on your chrome browser successfully.