In this tutorial i will install phpmyadmin

Before moving on installation make sure you have php install on your webserver.

If its not installed, use below command
yum install php php-* php-mysql

i have already installed.

so lets start..!! installation of phpmyadmin.
Secure Linux : lets note what we did..

Step: 1 Create directory.

mkdir /download

Step: 2 Move into ‘/download’ directory.

cd /download

Step: 3 Download PhpMyAdmin installation source.


Step: 4 Uncompressed downloaded file.

tar -xvf phpMyAdmin-3.5.1-english.tar.gz

Step: 5 Move extracted files into ‘/var/www.html/phpmyadmin’

mv phpMyAdmin-3.5.1-english /var/www/html/phpmyadmin

Step: 6 Browse the below directory.

cd /var/www/html/phpmyadmin/

Step: 7 Create config file from sample configuration.


Step: 8 Edit config file.


Step: 9  Change Authentication type.

Change Authentication type from cookie to http

save & exit
Step: 10 Restart Service

service httpd restart
now time to test phpmyadmin on webserver   – this is my server

It’s working fine..!!!

Watch Video :

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