For those of you who are always on the go and seldom have time to sit down in front of a specific TV to watch an NBA game, we have compiled a list of the most powerful online platforms and services where you can catch all the action.

Since you can watch all of the NBA playoff games live online at the links below.


When the new season begins, basketball enthusiasts must be hungry for legal, free NBA streaming.

You can’t fake the excitement of watching live content online; the same goes for plug-ins and other things to get hands-on NBA streaming.

So let me share the best sites to watch every NBA and start with them.

Best sites to watch every NBA Online (Free)

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a crowd-pleasing and one of the most lucrative sports on the planet.

Basketball fans would rather die than miss a single game. You should read this piece if you are a diehard NBA Fan like myself.

Given that we’ll be discussing the 6 top NBA streaming sites in this article, you’ll be able to bring the NBA with you everywhere you go.

The NBA is the highest popular sports league in the world, and its fame has been steadily rising.

Here you can watch live streams of basketball games featuring the most impressive lists of all time.

Secret VPN to Watch every NBA Online and Free

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It can function without establishing a connection to a remote VPN server.

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Now let’s talk about the sites:

NBAstream.TV Live NBA Streams

NBA Live Streams and Schedules

If you want to watch the whole NBA regular season game, NBA TV live is a great option. I’m going to presume that everyone knows about this site, and not only because it’s the best place to watch NBA games online for free. One of the things I appreciate best about this site is that you can watch the NBA and footage of the most recent matches right from your couch. Contents also include

  • timetables
  • statistical data
  • player profiles
  • chat logs
  • visual
  • news articles

My first recommendation for free NBA video sites is NBAstream.TV. What you see is what you get. Live events will be accessible on your mobile device, computer, or laptop. is a wonderful option when you’re sick of dealing with sneaky memberships. High-quality streams make this easy, fast, and completely free.

VipBox LIve Stream Channel

VipBox LIve Stream Channel

When it comes to online football streaming, VipBox is unrivalled. This is why it has quickly become a consumer favourite.

You can stream the NBA playoffs online on this channel and various other sporting events, like soccer, boxing, auto racing, and much more.

You can count on VipBox, one of the most flexible and user-friendly NBA streaming services, to keep you glued to your favourite NBA game. The NBA is only one of several sports that can be streamed here. Most importantly, it provides a centralised location for accessing any sports-related information you want to watch online.

In addition to being a free resource, the website also lists upcoming athletic events. The advertisements on this webpage, and other similar sites, are a significant drawback.

VipBox’s extensive female chat or adult content pop-ups indicate that its advertisements might be inappropriate for anyone under 18. 

Ad-blocking software is highly recommended for this reason.

Add-Blocker for Chrome Browser

How to Install Add Blocker on Chrome

Stream2watch Live NBA Online

Stream2watch Live NBA Online

Thanks to the upgraded connectivity, you can avoid missing any popular games. You’ll love that numerous commentary languages are available on this live-streaming platform. As a bonus, it includes innumerable links for every match, so you can try a different one if the first one doesn’t function properly.

Click the “Today’s live Sports timetable” tab to view today’s and tomorrow’s sporting events. Unfortunately, there are a lot of advertisements to go through, just like on any other free streaming service. The advertisements are inevitable if you want to watch content online for free, so stop complaining.

All in all, it’s an excellent resource for fans of virtually any sport.

Sportsurge to Watch NBA Online

Sportsurge to Watch NBA Online

If you’re looking for a great place to watch NFL games online, go no further than SportSurge. In the same vein as SportLemon, Sportsurge is costless to use. An additional similarity is that neither one needs registration. Sportsurge offers live streaming of sporting events from various sports, including American football, basketball, soccer, NBA, hockey, volleyball, racing, and mixed martial arts.

It functions similarly to other sites that compile links to live events on other sites but also feature advertisements. Streaming is free, and the company makes money through ads.

The advertisements do not interfere with the user experience and can be easily blocked using an ad blocker.

Cricfree site to Watch NBA Live Streaming

Cricfree site to Watch NBA Live Streaming

Cricfree may be best known for its extensive library of cricket streams, but it also offers access to a wide variety of other sports, all of which can be viewed without the need for a VPN (depending upon the location). Sports fans may tune in to live broadcasts of their favourite competitions across various disciplines. It provides a calendar organised by day, shows that may be viewed live right now, and a list of available shows.

A click will take you to a free live broadcast of the event of your choice. They have to make money somehow to offer free streaming of your beloved sports game, but the appearance of annoying pop-ups can be frustrating.

Cricfree is the best site to watch the NBA online if you are okay with the infrequent pop-ups.

UStream Live TV is another excellent place to watch all of the NBA’s live games. There are approximately two hundred sports channels available on the site. However, there is one proviso. The website is supposedly blocked in India, so you’ll need a virtual private network (VPN).

However, if you are located in the Western Hemisphere, you can visit it without needing a virtual private network. Remember that there are many advertisements on this website, and you will likely see one whenever you access a new page.

But it’s a great place to catch free NBA games.

Is there a way to watch NBA Live Stream Replay ?

You can watch NBA live Stream Replays on NBATVREPLAY.COM

If you’ve missed the live streams of your favorite NBA team’s play, then no worries you can watch replay of NBA games at NBATVREPLAY.COM.

It offers free replay of NBA Games but in lower quality 720p, if you wish to watch higher quality you can go with the paid subscription by getting NBA League Pass which is going to cost you $129.99/Year.

This service allows you to access live streams, replays, and other features.

NBA TV schedule 2022-23

Christmas Day games: Sunday, December 25

12:00p76ers – KnicksABC, ESPN & ESPN+
2:30pLakers – MavericksABC & ESPN
5:00pBucks – CelticsABC & ESPN
8:00pGrizzlies – WarriorsABC & ESPN
10:30pSuns – NuggetsABC & ESPN
NBA TV Schedule 25,Dec 2022 ( Sunday )

Monday, December 26 NBA Games

7:00pNets – CavaliersNBA TV, YES, Bally OH
7:00pClippers – PistonsNBA League Pass, Bally SoCal & Det.
7:30pTimberwolves – HeatNBA League Pass, Bally North & Sun
8:00pRockets – BullsNBA League Pass, ATTSN SW, NBCS Chi.
8:00pJazz – SpursNBA League Pass, ATTSN Rky Mtn., Bally SW
8:00pPacers – PelicansNBA League Pass, Bally IN & NO
10:00pHornets – BlazersNBA TV, Bally SE, Root Sports
NBA TV Schedule 26,Dec 2022 ( Monday )


You should check out a few fundamental requirements of our pleasant gameplay experience. A high-quality website shouldn’t cost anything to access and should have minimal interruptions from advertising. The vast majority of NBA games available for streaming online are sponsored. The best sites to watch every NBA are shared with you for free to watch your favourite game. Grab your popcorn and enjoy the free online streaming…!

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