What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free powerful content management system (CSM) written in PHP, that allows you to create websites, blogs and much more.

    WordPress was created in 2003. At the beginning It was used only as a blogging platform but now it has developed into a versatile content management system (CSM) for all kind of websites. Although you can still use it to create a simple blog but also you can create a fully functional website.


  • Simply it’s an easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system in existence today.

Who uses WordPress?

If you’re ever curious about who uses WordPress, have a look at the WordPress site showcase and you’ll be impressed to see, the number of well-known brands are using it to power their websites.

Why i Should Use WordPress ?

Top 5 benefits of using WordPress

1: WordPress Software is 100{1c918b003a0fec779e46518dd4d8df22f3dc554de918030f5a1a0cfd93cb28be} Free!

Yes Its completely free to use software for building your fully functional website. And if you want to upscale your blog or website to the next level with premium themes and plugins, it is still going to cost you less money than you would pay for a custom designed website.

2: Easy to Use

Believe me! if you already know how to setup a Facebook account, send an email and you can make documents using Microsoft Word, so meaning you are skilled enough to set up your basic WordPress website. Same skills you will need to add new pages, upload images, create, edit and delete your WordPress posts.

3: WordPress is SEO Friendly

WordPress is specially designed to keep Search Engine Optimization in mind. using WordPress, on each page, post and image you can have its own title, keywords and meta description which makes easy for search engine to read and index your site contents. In addition you can use tags to further enhance your Search Engine Optimization efforts.

4: Control of Your Website is In Your Hands.

No need wait for your expensive web designer to make a simple changes on your website. Using WordPress you have full control of every aspect of your website. Both are in control your website—–and your wallet :).

5: No Coding or FTP Software Required

There is absolutely no need for HTML coding or complex FTP software to add new website page, blog post, format text and upload image to your websites. Because WordPress provides similar to Microsoft Word interface for all type of content editing of your website.

WordPress.org and WordPress.com.

If you are new to WordPress you might be wondering:

  • What is difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com?.


The major difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org is “who’s hosting your website.”

With wordpress.org, YOU are responsible for hosting your blog and website. on wordpress.org you can download the free version of WordPress software and install on your own web server. If you decide to setup your own website using wordpress, so you need to purchase a domain name, hosting space and then download your free copy of WordPress software from wordpress.org and install it on your web server. Using a downloaded version of WordPress software on your own web server gives you more control and flexibility of your website, but it also means more responsibility on you.


On the other hand, wordpress.com takes care of all of the hosting stuff for your. you don’t need to download software, purchase hosting and manage your web server. If you are not interested to paying your hosting and managing your own webserver then you are probably want to go with wordpress.com. But there are some limitations, your domain name will, by default include “wordpress.com” (e.g broexperts.wordpress.com), you also can’t upload any custom themes, plugins or modify source code of your WordPress blog.

Your Opinion

Choosing which option is great for you depends on your goals and types of website.If you are simply focusing on blogging and don’t want to handle the setup and maintenance stuff. wordpress.com is for you but if your website is business related than you should go with wordpress.org, the self hosted option. Self hosted gives you the flexibility and control that WordPress.com cannot.

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