What is VPN?

Virtual Private Network is a secure connection across a private or public networks.


Secure connections based on tunneling protocols which provides different types of security measures.

A VPN client start a point to point connection to the VPN server using internet and in reply VPN server authenticates client’s credentials according to the authentication’s mechanism (RADIUS, Active Directory or Local Users) after completing the process client can send and receive data from organization’s private network.


This tutorial is aimed to show the Virtual Private Network Installation on Windows Server 2008  with the help of screen shots.


So let’s start from the Installation Step.



Step-1 : Open Server Manager and Install Routing and Remote Access.


Click ” Start > Administrative Tools > Server Manager “

VPN Server Installation





















Next Page shows the requirements click ” Next “ Button to Select the ” Network Policy and Access Services “























Select  ” Network Policy and Access Services ” and click ” Next “

Network Policy and Access Services




















Step-2 : Install Routing and Remote Access Services


Select  ” Routing and Remote Access Services ” and click ” Next “

Routing and Remote Services




















Select  ” Routing and Remote Access Services ” and click ” Next “

Remote Access Services


















Click ” Close ” once the Installation completed.

Server Role Installation




















Step-3 : VPN Server Configurations Open Routing and Remote Access


Click ” Start > Administrative Tools > Routing and Remote Access “  to configure VPN Server.

Virtual Private Network server 2008
























To enable RRAS right click on red marked icon and select ” Configure and Enable Routing and Remote Access “

VPN Server Configurations


















Click ” Next ” on welcome screen.

RRAS Configurations

















Click on ” Custom Configuration ” and click ” Next “ to complete the configurations.



















Click on ” VPN access ” check box and click ” Next “ to continue.

VPN Access Server 2008


















Next screen will bring the summary page click ” Finish “ to complete the configurations.

VPN connnectivity configurations


















Last when you will click on ” Finish ” it will bring up service start the service windows click on ” Start service “


















Configuration are finished you will see the red arrow icon turned into green color indicating that VPN service is running.


Next Part : How to Connect VPN Server On Windows 8.1

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