Planning to move WordPress site?

You might need to keep your widget settings same as old site. If you have few widgets you can do it manually or if there are multiple widgets in different sidebars then you need to use a better solution for this problem.


How to Import/Export widget settings.

Step -1:

Install the Plugin called “Widget Settings Importer / Exporter”.


After finishing the Installation “Activate Plugin”

and follow the next step.

Step-2 :

GoTo “Tools > Widget Settings Export”


Step-3 :

GoTo “Select widgets” which you want to expert.


“Export Widget Settings”

button will generate a ‘.json’

file you can save this file in your system and can be imported on the new site.

Let’s have a look on import process.

After installing and activating the plugin on the new site GoTo “Tools & Widget Settings Import”


GoTo “Tools > Widget Settings Import” and select the “.json” file.


Select the “.json” file and click on “show widgets Settings”


Step -5:

Now you can see all your previous widget settings on your new site select the widgets you want to import.


That’s it now your previous widget settings are imported to new site.
If you have any question please leave in comment box below.

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