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Ultimate Guide to Hirens Boot CD Windows 10 PE Bootable USB/CD – 2019


This is a complete Guide to Hiren Boot CD in 2019.

In this in-depth guide you will learn;

  • What Can Hiren’s Boot CD Do?
  • How to download Hirens Boot CD Windows 10 PE
  • How to Make Hiren Bootable USB on windows 10
  • List of Utilities available in Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 (v1.0.1)
  • How to boot from Hiren’s Boot CD on PC/Laptop

Let’s Dive In.

1 – What Hiren’s Boot CD can do ?

Since November 2012, there has been no official update released. The Hiren’s Boot CD Fans have made this specific edition.
Hiren Boot CD Windows 10 can be a handy tool for computer geeks and system admins to troubleshoot their daily challenging problems such as Hard Drive issues,
Password Reset, Data Recovery and much more helpful stuff.

Hiren’s Boot CD is an all-in-one bootable rescue disk that can be considered a repair toolkit for your computer.

if you ever get in a serious situation where you are stuck with:

Hiren’s Boot CD is an AIO recuse disk. One should consider making a copy on USB and putting it on your computer bag. You will be happy that you made one.

Hiren Boot CD windows 10 PE will help you solve booting issues, malware scanning, backup and recover data; you can also reset windows 7,8.1 and 10 passwords with built-in tools available in this Hiren Boot ISO.

In the next step, we will make Hiren’s Bootable USB on Windows 10.

2 – How to Download Hiren’s Boot CD Windows 10 PE

Hiren Boot CD is based on Windows 10 PE (Preinstallation Environment) x64, including the best freely available tools. Also, it supports a UEFI Booting environment with a minimum of 2 GB of RAM requirements.

BootCD PE x64 (v1.0.1) ISO File Link 1292.04 MB


3- How to Make Hiren Boot USB on windows 10

Things you need for Hiren’s Bootable USB Stick.

  • Hiren’s Boot CD ISO File if haven’t downloaded yet you can Download Here : HBCD_PE_x64.iso
  • Download ISO to USB making tool called Rufus 3.8
  • USB Flash Drive with minimum of 2 GB Storage

Now let me share the quick steps “How to make Hiren Bootable USB” here. You will be guided step by step process to load Hiren Boot CD from your USB Drive.

Step 1. Download Hiren’s Boot CD Windows 10 PE

Step 2. Download Rufus Bootable USB creator Tool

Once you complete Step 1, you will have Hiren’s BootCD IOS File.

To make it bootable, you need to burn Hiren’s BootCD IOS file on USB Flash Drive.

Let us start the process.

Step 3. Run Rufus Bootable USB Tool.

There are two download options available on the Rufus website. You can download the step file of Rufus for installation, or you can straight download the Rufus portable version, which can be run without installing it on your hard drive.
So here I have downloaded the portable version. Let us follow the below steps to complete the creating bootable Hiren’s USB.
Before you move on, you need a USB Flash drive with at least 2GB of Capacity.
I am using an 8GB Flash Drive for this tutorial. Plugin the USB Flash drive on your computer.

WARNING : Make sure you have backed up all the important data from the flash drive as the process requires formatting of USB Flash Drive.

Following the above screen, you need to “Right Click” on the “rufus-3.8p.exe” file and select “Run as Administrator”.


You will see the below screen, now the next step is to select the ISO file “HBCD_PE_x64.iso”


Now follow the screenshot below to use the Rufus to make Hirens Boot USB on Windows 10.


Once you click the “START” button, a warning popup will appear stating a “Data Lose Warning” Please read and take backup of all your important data before clicking ok.


After you click “OK”, the process of making Hiren’s bootable USB will start, and it will take some time to make the USB ready for real action.


Here you can see the last screen, which showed the Successful green “READY” Button that means your Hiren’s Bootable USB is ready for boot.


4- How to boot from Hiren’s Boot CD on PC/Laptop

Here I will show you how you can boot from Hiren’s Bootable USB on your laptop or PC.

Restart Your PC/Laptop.

After you see the first screen on your laptop or PC, select the boot menu option by following the instruction on your screen. In my case, I have a dell laptop, so on the first screen, I need to press the F12 to get into the boot manager.

Select the USB Device as the first boot.

It will take some time to load the Hiren’s Boot CD PE Windows 10.


 I hope this guide was helpful for you guys. Let me know if you have tried it and how was your experience.

Also, help others by sharing this guide on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp.

Let us know your Favorite tool in Hiren’s Boot CD.

Cheers !

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