Reset Windows/xp/7/8.1 Password

If you are looking to Reset Windows password then you are on the right place in this tutorial I will teach you how you can get your Forgotten Windows Password back.

Before we begin if you are facing password problem on Windows 10 Pc/Laptop you can follow below guide



This Complex Manual Guide is not recommended at all for Non-technical users. Any mistake may damage your Important Data! by corrupting your working windows.

Using Easy Windows Password Reset Solution

Here is a Recommended method for Non-Techy Users, Consider Using this extremely easy to use Graphical User Interface Software to reset your Windows NT 2000, Vista, XP, 7, 8 / 8.1 password.

By Using this windows password reset Solution you can get your password back within few clicks without wasting your precious time find the link Below:

Ofcourse ! you can save lots of time by choosing Right Option.

Reset Windows 7/8.1 Password With Hiren’s BootCD

Hiren’s bootCD is full of handy tools and life saver Utilities, in this post we are going to learn how to Recover/Reset Windows8.1 password (Also can be applied on win7/vista/server OS) Using Hiren’s BootCD/USB.

If you have not yet created Hiren’s BootCD learn how to do it:


Don’t worry if you didn’t remember your Administrator password.

Reset Windows Password

Okay let’s Start !

Step-1 :

Restart your PC and boot with Hire’s BootCD

Windows 8.1 Password Reset

Step-2 :

Load Mini Windows Xp From 1st Boot Screen.

HoTo Reset Windows 10 password

Step-3 :

Open Hiren’s Boot CD Menu.

Hiren's Boot Password Reset Guide

Step-4 :

Launch Password Reset Tool.
Follow the below screen shot


Step-5 :

Restart your PC
Boot with hard drive there will be no password as we set blank password in previous step.


Finally Logged in without password 🙂

Watch Video :

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