Outline.com is closed ? No Worries ! Here is the List of Top 10 Outline Alternative which can provide you the same functionality where you can ready your favorite news pages without registering with your credentials and still enjoy the read.

Outline Alternative

The problem is that Outline has gone offline, leaving hundreds of thousands of users without their daily dose of distraction-free reading. If you’re one of them, don’t panic! You have options… some better outline com alternative as we present the best outline alternative in this guide.


What happened to Outline.com

Update (March 1, 2022) – Outline.com is closed for more than five years, Outline was an indispensable service for those who wanted to read articles without paying for them or signing up for a subscription. Essentially, it allowed users to view website content in a way that was simpler and easier to digest—and it did so with less clutter and other distractions. While many sites have since followed suit by offering similar functionality, there are still some great alternatives out there. Here are ten services like Outline that you can use today.

Here are Top 10 Alternatives of Outline.com

1 – 12ft.io Outline Alternative

URL of any paywalled page . Paste it in, and you’ll get a clean version. If you have a personal subscription to that publication, it will show up in a box at the top, 12ft.io is one of the best alternative of outline.com . It works well with many news sites, And no worries about your privacy as they don’t track your activity on their site.

2 – pdf.fivefilters.org

It’s easy to get frustrated with paywalls on news websites. But there are actually lots of ways around them. And that doesn’t even include setting up your own RSS feeds for your favorite sites. The most well-known workaround for publications is probably Instapaper, which allows you to save articles for later viewing. You can also use Readability, a browser plugin that strips away all distractions from news articles and provides a clean reading experience in its place.

3 – txtify.it

This tool will convert a web page into text so you can send it via email or read it in an eBook reader. You can even make a PDF from your txtified HTML (with additional formatting). Ideal for reading articles when you’re on a flight or subway ride. this tool can convert a web articles to plain text , making it easier to read and share, as well as print out. It’s especially useful if you find yourself behind a paywall; just copy and paste your way out of that situation! There are some other great tools available, too—such as Readability—that offer similar functionality.

4 – archive.is / archive.ph / archive.fo

It’s a save-for-later site that makes a copy of any page and lets you access it later. If you come across a page with a paywall, simply click on your browser’s preview on archive.is button to get access to it—no sign up required. It’s also easy to integrate into your workflow.

5 – printfriendly.com

PrintFriendly is a simple and free way to print web pages for reading offline. After creating your account, you can save pages via the PrintFriendly button that appears in any web page. When you’re ready to read those pages later, head to PrintFriendly and sign in. Next, select My Saved Pages from a drop-down menu and choose Print Friendly View at right side of the screen. The PDF will be generated immediately.

6 – bypass -paywalls extension for Google Chrome

An increasing number of news sites are locking their content behind a paywall. To bypass these restrictions, you can use an extension like Bypass Paywalls for Google Chrome, which is free to download.

7 – Firefox Reader View

Firefox’s Reader View is handy for reading articles that have a paywall or other restrictions. It removes much of the design and formatting, leaving only a clean, easy-to-read version of a story.

8 – Unpaywall – Firefox and Chrome Extension

If you’re looking for a site like Outline, consider downloading Unpaywall. It’s a simple add-on that removes paywalls from academic papers and sends you to their freely available copies on other websites. Download it for Firefox or Chrome.

9- Bloomfire is similar tool as outline.com

A fantastic way to visualize your data. It doesn’t have all of Outline’s features, but it does have a few extras, like charts and visual shortcuts for commonly used features (emailing your colleagues, creating a meeting invite, etc.). The best part? It is free for small teams. You can create unlimited documents and collaborate with an unlimited number of people on them. For large teams or documents that require more organization and security, you can use paid plans.

10 – Kipwise

A service with a similar functionality to Outline. Kipwise allows you to hide and show blocks of text, images and videos (depending on your plan) based on whether or not users have subscribed to your content. It also contains an API so you can integrate it into existing applications.


While it was a very useful service to make web pages more readable and (in some cases) avoid paywalls, Outline is dead. Here are ten sites that offer similar functionality that you can use in its place. If you’re looking for an outline com alternatives please see the above list which we have found after a research, if you have better alternatives please feel free to share in comments.

Top 5 Paid and Free Alternatives to Outline.com

  • Manuscript
  • openfox.io
  • Document360
  • MediaWiki
  • Notion

Here we are going to elaborate more about these Best Outline.com Alternatives why we have picked them as a top paid / free alternatives

Manuscript – Top Outline Competitor

The ManuscriptsApp.com is a writing tool that allows users to create and manage their documents. It has a very natural feel and is very easy to use.

Openfox.io – Best Alternative to Outline.com

Openfox.IO is a knowledge system that builds systems that make sense. Its goal is to help people translate what they know into business success.

Document360 – Top Similar Sites Like Outline

With a knowledge base, you can easily create a personalized experience for your customers which can build a variety of documents and interactive features such as user guides, manuals, and operating procedures.

MediaWiki – Best Free Alternative of Outline.com

MediaWiki is a collaboration and documentation platform brought to you by a vibrant community.

Notion – Overall Best Outline Alternative

Notion is a project management and note-taking software that is designed to help members of a company or organization coordinate deadlines, objectives, and assignments for the sake of efficiency and productivity.

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