Windows 10 Installation:

This Tutorial is aimed to Install Windows 10 Technical preview on Virtual Box Why? A technical preview version is risky to install on your primary home or business computer, and unexpected crashes could harm or even delete your data (important files), so for the testing purpose it is recommended to install preview version virtually.


Get the Installation Source:

If you are looking the installation Source for Windows 10 please refer this recent Article “Download Windows 10 Technical Preview”


Where to download Virtual Box?

Virtual Box is a great choice to build a virtual lab you can download Virtual Box from the below Link.

Download Virtual Box


This Tutorial we will be completing in two parts :

Part-1 : Creating Virtual machine

Part-2 : Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview


Step-1 Create a New Virtual Machine.


Windows 10 latest windows version
Windows 10 latest windows version





















Step-2 : Choose appropriate memory size.

Windows-10 Instalaltion on virtual box















Step-3 : Create Virtual Hard Drive


Windows-10 Tehcnical Preview Download





















Choose the Hard Drive Type


Microsoft Windows 10 Released




















Select “Dynamically Allocated”


Windows-10 new features




















Choose the Size “40 GB” & Click ‘Create’


Windows 10 bac with start menu



















Part-2 : Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview



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