This is the second part of previous tutorial where we completed creating virtual machine in virtual box if you missed that check this link “Part-1 : Creating Virtual machine”
In this Tutorial we are going to use windows 10 64-bit ISO file Download the file “Click Here”.



Part-2 : Installing Windows 10 Technical Preview

Step-1 : Choose the ISO file as installation source

Click ‘ Setting> Storage > Empty‘ and from drop down menu click ‘Choose a virtual CD/DVD disk file..’





















 Browse the ISO file























Step-2: Start Virtual machine click on ‘Start’























Step-3: Boot from the ISO file & from the 1st screen Click on “Next” Button.

Windows 10 Installation


















Step-4: The next screen will only have one button “Install Now” Click on that button.



Windows 10
















Step-5 : If you read below screen there is two main options either we can upgrade or custom install since we are installing on virtual machine we will go with “Custom : Windows only (Advanced)”

















Step-6 : Accept The license information.



















Step-7 : Here you need to choose the partition where you are going to install Windows 10 as we are installing windows 10 preview build on Virtual machine we will click “Next”

windows 10 installation





















Step-8 : It will begin the copying files and installing OS.



















Step-9 : After the above process PC will Restart and Now this time choose the “Express Settings”

Windows 10 Installation



















Step-10 : Create a local Account and it will load the Desktop see below screen.

Windows 10 New Start Menu














Enjoy !!   the Latest windows 10 Technical Preview.




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