Username is not in the sudoeur name?

I have received an email, asking how to use ‘sudo’ command, so i decide to write this post for all of you. The user was reporting the error while he was trying to execute some root commands with ‘sudo’.


Error : Username is not in the sudoeur name, this incident will be reported.

Well let me give a short intro about ‘sudo’ :

What is ‘sudo’ ?

By Using ‘sudo’ a regular user can execute commands as the superuser, such as ‘root’ and that user must be specified in the ‘sudoers'(/etc/sudoers) file contains the ‘sudo’ configurations of which user can run what commands on which machines. And also you can set password for particular command.

How to specify a particular user in ‘/etc/sudoers’ file.

here is the command to add your user
open ‘/etc/sudoers’

visudo -f /etc/sudoers

Add user

broexperts ALL=(ALL) ALL

Save & Exit ‘:wq’ Enter

Try to use any root command as an argument to the sudo command.

Example : [broexperts@lx1 /]$ sudo service network restart

Hope it will work..!!

Any Question ? use comments Area.

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