First, what is the main cause of missing uxtheme.dll?

Have you ever been thought? don’t worry I will tell you.


The main reason is the failure of this file is removed and corrupted of wlanapi file in your system. And also, it is caused by the damaged windows registry and also by the hardware failure.

Some different possibilities of getting DLL errors

  • Might be deleted or removed mistakenly by any user
  • Windows file is corrupted is also possible
  • Uninstalling and installing the same application, again and again, is also another reason for getting uxtheme.dll error
  • And also, another possibility is that hardware failure

Most users resolve this problem by using the SFC command in Command Prompt or CMD.

Different messages show when uxtheme.dll error happens, Like

  • “This program can’t start because uxtheme.dll is missing from your computer.”
  • “Access Violation File [path]\uxtheme.dll”
  • “uxtheme.dll is missing.”
  • “Unable to launch the software located at path: [path]\uxtheme.dll”
  • “This application requires the file uxtheme.dll, which was not found on this system.”
  • “There was a problem starting [path]\uxtheme.dll. The specified module could not be found.”
  • “uxtheme.dll cannot be found.”
  • “Runtime Error. uxtheme.dll pure virtual function call.”

How you do fix the uxtheme.dll error or recover the missing file

Some solutions are as following for you to make your pc error-free or helps you to fix uxtheme.dll error or missing uxtheme.dll file error.

Method 1- Uninstall the recently installed program and install it again by default settings

The first solution is to resolve the uxtheme.dll error is uninstalling the latest or recent program and install it again by checking default settings. To use this solution please follow the steps that are showing below:

  1. On your desktop hit Windows Button + R, a dialog box will appear.
  2. Type control and a new window will open.
  3. There you will see a heading named Programs and the sub heading is Uninstall Programs.
  4. Click on the uninstall programs, a new window will be open
  5. Select the program that you have installed recently, click on uninstall button
  6. Now after the uninstallation is complete, restart your PC

Some files are not removed manually and it might cause again uxtheme.dll error. To avoid this mistake, you can use any third-party uninstaller software that is available on the internet.

Method – 2 Handling uxtheme.dll error by using CMD or Command Prompt

  1. On your keyboard press the windows icon button, a search box will appear
  2. Type the cmd
  3. Right-click on it and select run as administrator
  4. A new window will be open

5.Type SFC/scannow and hit enter

6. And you see a verification process starts to wait until the scanning process gets complete.

7. When the process is complete you will see a message like

8. Now restart your PC, and check the uxtheme.dll or missing uxtheme.dll error is foxed or not

Method – 3 uxtheme.dll is by updating the drivers

Updating your system drivers to the latest version is helpful to avoid any runtime error or uxtheme.dll file missing error.

To update system drivers you have to follow some steps:

  1. Click on the windows icon and then click on the settings

2. Now click on update and security

3. Click on view optional updates

4. Click on new window select all drivers and click on update

5. after updating drivers restart your pc and check have you fix the uxtheme.dll error or not.

Sometimes updating drivers manually is not good and certain issues users will be facing if they are not experts, so use any third-party all-in-one driver solutions that automatically update drivers to the latest versions.

Method – 4 Fixing uxtheme.dll by updating Windows to the latest versions

Keep an updated version of windows on your pc or laptop to avoid any kind of error or uxtheme.dll error.

This is the easiest way to make your pc error-free.

To update your window, you have to follow these steps

  1. Click on the settings button

2. Click on windows update and security

3. Now click on check for update

now if any of the updates are available for your pc it shows you you install it by clicking on the install button.

After updating you will assume that you have fixed the runtime uxtheme.dll error.

5. Restore to your previous version of your windows version

In this way, you are going to restore your windows version to the previous ones where you did not face any kind of runtime error or uxtheme.dll error.

  1. Click on the windows icon or start menu button, then click on the settings

Click on the updates and security

2. Now click on the recovery on the left side menu bar

3. Now click on the reset pc that says Get Started

4. Choose to keep my files option

Then it takes some time after it restarts your pc and checks whether uxtheme.dll is fixed or not.

Method – 5 scan for virus or malware in your pc

Sometimes a virus can be removed or corrupt windows files or damaged DLL files that’s why you are getting uxtheme.dll error.

so, it is good to perform virus scan operation, lets get started

  1. open windows settings, click on updates and security

2. Click on windows security then click on virus & threats protection

3. Now click on scan options

4. Now click on Microsoft defender Offline Scan then click on the scan button

then it says close all files and work because during the process it might restart your pc so its best to save and close all your work

you can also use any third-party antivirus software that is available online, you can check them out

after it you can check it has fixed or not uxtheme.dll error

Method -6 handling uxtheme.dll error by using the hotfix

It is the tool that is introduced and developed by Microsoft which helps a lot for fixing many issues for all pc. It can also fix DLL errors or uxtheme.dll errors.

You can download it from this website and install it on your pc

Now if you still facing uxtheme.dll error by trying all of the above solutions then go for system restore where you are not facing any kind of runtime error or uxtheme.dll error.

Some steps you follow to use this solution

  1. First press Windows + R on your keyboard
  2. Then enter rstrui and press enter

3. A new window will be open that is system restore window, click on Choose a different restore point option and hit enter

4. Next, you will select a date form which you want to restore your system

  1. Choose that restore point where you have not any kind of DLL error or uxtheme.dll errors
  2. Then click on next
  3. Then completes the process and click on the finish button

After completing the process, your pc will restart automatically and your system is restored where you have not any kind of runtime or uxtheme.dll error.

If you have followed all of the above solutions and still fail to fix the uxtheme.dll error.

Try DLL Repair Tool. This is the kind of tool that scans user pc and fix all runtime or dll issues like uxtheme.dll, BOSD game, update error, registry error, and many others.

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