WhatsApp Secret Functions You Never Knew Existed

We have compiled the latest list of WhatsApp Secret Functions for everyones favorite instant messaging service WhatsApp.


1: Hide your ‘Last Seen’ Time Stamp.

To keep your last seen time stamp hidden from your WhatsApp contacts Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen and then > select nobody. Steps are same for Android and iPhone users.

2: Turn off Read Receipts

Open settings > Account > Privacy and > turn off read receipts. Android and iPhone users can use same steps to turn off WhatsApp read receipts.

Note:- If you turn off read receipts, you won’t be able to see read receipts from other people.

3: Mute Annoying Group Chats Notifications.

Go to group chat > click on its name > choice ‘Mute’ and next it will ask you three options: mute notifications for eight hours, a week, and a year.

4: Send Your WhatsApp Conversation to Email:

This interesting feature will allow you to send all your conversations on your email very easily. And later you can see your all conversation’s text and media in emails.
Open any friend chat then > click on left options key or click on right top corner 3 dots showing then click on more > Email Chat.

5: Change WhatsApp Phone Number

For changing whatsapp phone number many users uninstalling and installing whatsapp application which is actually not a right method to do that.
There is a way to change whatsapp phone number without uninstalling- Just go to Setting > Account > Delete My account and then create again with new phone number.


You can change your number this way also go to settings > Account > Change number.

Note:This option actually required in case if you are going to change your mobile and number and you have new mobile and number ready with you.

6: See Delivery Time of Message and Know When Exactly
Someone has Read Your Message.

For iPhone Users: Open up chat, swipe on your particular message from left to right and see delivery and read notifications.

Android Users: Open Chat, and press and hold on a message sent by you. Top bar will appear with an ‘i’ with a circle around it. Tapping on ‘i’ will show you when the message was delivered and read by your receiver.

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7: Find Out Number of Messages You and Your Friend Have Sent To Each Other.

Head to Settings > Account > Network Usage. Steps are same on both iPhone and Android.

A number will appear next to each contact that indicate the total number of messages sent between you and your friend.

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