How to Dual boot Installation Windows 7 and Fedora 19

Previous How To Video was about Dual Boot Installation Windows 7 and Fedora 18 was published on my YouTube Channel, In this tutorial i am going to explain Dual boot Installation windows 7 and fedora 19 step by step with the help of screenshots for better understandings.


The next topic will be:

Windows 7 is already installed in ‘C’ Drive and 50+ GB size is free which we will be using for Fedora 19 Installation.

Windows 7 and Fedora 19 Dual boot Installation

Download Fedora 19 ISO File

So, now you got your source Disk ! Let’s start the Installation.

Step-1 :Restart your PC and select boot from CD-ROM drive and press “Enter”

Dual Boot Windows 7 Fedora 19 Step by Step Guide

Step-2 :Press “Enter” by selecting first option as shown below.

Dual boot Installation Windows 7 and Fedora 19

Step-3 : On the next screen two options will appear chose “Install to Hard Drive”

How to Install Fedora 19 on Windows 7 Dual Boot

Step-4 :Select appropriate Language

Dual Boot winodws and Linux OS

Step-5 :Set Date and Time and your Timezone

Linux Windows on same PC

Step-5.1 :Chose Region, City and Done.

Windows and Linux

Step-5.2 :Type Hostname :

Linux and windows dual boot

Step-5.3 :Select the drive you’d like to install to.

Fedora and widnows dual boot

Step-6 : Chose ‘Standard Partition’ ‘ Customized Layout ‘ and ‘Continue’ .

Dual Boot windows and Linux on one pc

Step-7 : As shown in the below screenshot, i have 51.92 GB ( highlighted ) free space to install fedora 19. Here i will utilize all this space for the installation.

  • 500 MB ‘/boot’
  • 1 GB ‘swap’ ( double of your RAM )
  • 20 GB ‘/home’
  • 30.41 GB ‘ / ‘( All remaining space assigned to ‘root’
  • 500 MB ‘/boot’

Dual bot Partition for Linux

Step-7.1 : Create all other Partitions ( Repeat Step 7 )


Step-8 : Finally click on ” Accept Settings “


Step-9 :Click on ” Begin Installation “


Step-10 :Set” Root Password ” and ” Username “


Step-10.1 :Type root password.


Step-10.2 : Follow the screen Instructions


Step-11 : Once the Installation process finish ” Reboot ” your PC and there will be new boot Menu as shown below.


Next you will see the Welcome Screen.


Finally after logged in we can see the Desktop Screen.


Hope you like this tutorial any Question ? Post in Comments 🙂

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