Sendy Mail Review

Smart entrepreneur, digital marketers, bloggers, and affiliate marketers know the worth of Email Marketing and they always looking for the best way to connect with their clients. There is variety of email marketing platforms are available such as MailChimp, Aweber or Campaign Monitor.

All these solutions are coming with so many features and each claiming they are the best and much affordable, to find best solutions among all of them is hard while all are claiming they are the best! Now if you want to know the cheapest email marketing solution then keep reading This
Sendy Mail Review it’s gonna change your mind.



What is Sendy Mail ? – Meet Sendy

Sendy is a Self-hosted Email marketing Solution which can sends 100x times cheaper emails using Amazon SES, if you are not aware of Amazon SES its Simple Email Service which allows you to send emails as cheap as 1$ per 10,000 Emails.

We BroExperts discovered this email service few months ago and now personally using for our email newsletter, So here we are sharing our experience, how we saved $1000 of dollars monthly.


As MailChimp Charging 200$ per 10,000 and Sendy is 100x Cheaper email marketing solution. It’s about $0.10 per 1000 emails you send, yes it’s not a joke it’s “Sendy Mail”.

Of Course..! If you are in any business, you would want to spend minimum and save maximum and then ultimately the more you save, the more you earn. And the interesting fact is, cost saving process is endless.

However, there are free plans are available for email marketing but they are not a good option, they charge after certain limits and restricted to certain features.

  • If what you will get 100x cheaper email service than all other famous email service provider such as MailChimp and Aweber.
  • If what you will get all those features as available in Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and Aweber.
  • So, what if you don’t want to pay extra money as per your email list size increased.

Yes It’s Sendy an excellent self-hosted Email Marketing Solution giving you all above benefits.

Why Sendy ?

I am sure you all going to be agree with this “We all Hate Paying Monthly Fees” we don’t like to pay rent, credit cards, monthly service charges etc.. we really don’t like that stuff and yes we will choose the one time cost, Sendy is very affordable and it’s always a one-time cost 59$ you just can’t beat that.

Features you’ll get with Sendy

Sendy basically offers all those features which are available in the famous email service platforms, e.g. Campaign Creator, Comprehensive Reporting, Auto Bounce Handling, Auto-responder, Complaints Handling, Unsubscribe Feature, Statistical Graph, Import and Export of Email list, etc.

Comprehensive Reporting

Sendy reporting system is very basic and simple. Nice color-full interface is straight-forward and easy to understand. Using beautiful reporting interface you can monitor each campaign’s how many email opens, clicks, bounces, complaints and countries with charts & data showing in percentage.


Send newsletters via Amazon SES

Sendy mail uses Amazon SES for sending emails, which is low-cost email service. Let’s suppose you are sending 1000 emails per month, Amazon will charge only $1 for each 10,000 emails and if you send same amount of emails from MailChimp you will pay $200. Yes Amazon SES charging $1 per 10000 emails it’s not typing mistake. That’s the cost for sending emails using Sendy + Amazon SES.


Give your client access

If you are a company and providing email services for money. So sendy offers a feature to create separate account for your clients. It is completely white label when your client logs in. Let your clients send newsletters on their own at a price you set. You can also set a monthly sending limit if you want.

How to Install Sendy ?

After you purchased sendy, they will provide you download package which you have to install on your hosting service for that you need to upload all the files to your server and start the installation process.


As described above sendy is self-hosted Email Newsletter Application that runs on PHP and MySQL which means you need to setup sendy on your own hosting service, rather than depending on other service providers.

Sendy is providing easy to follow Getting Started Guide on their official website. Apart from this, sendy offers premium installation service for only $79 one time cost. If you will buy premium service sendy will team will do that for you.

However, If you are still not sure about Sendy Installation Process you can contact BroExperts for Premium Support at

And also you can post your questions and Thoughts about Sendy Mail Review in the comment box Below

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