How to Install CentOS 7

CentOS 7 has bee released on 7th july 2014, this Tutorial is aimed to show the process of “How to Install CentOS 7” this newly available Linux Enterprise-Class Distribution OS with the help of screenshots.
I assume that you already got the latest copy of CentOs 7 in the form of DVD or ISO.


f you are looking where to download CentOs 7.0 ISO file please refer this recent Article “Download CentOs-7”
Okay now you got ISO file and burnt with your fav image burner lets start with step 1.


Step-1 Boot From CentOs 7.0 bootable DVD.
Insert Installation media and restart your PC. After booting, you will see the following screen and then choose first option.
How to Install CentOS 7
Step-2 Keyboard and Language Selection
Step-3 Select which softwares you want to install during installation.

Step-3.1 Select which softwares you want to install during installation.
I will select ” GNOME Desktop ” Graphical Interface.
Step-3.2 Select Automatic Partitioning option ( Please Read the Warning )

Warning : Not Recommended if you have Important data on your hard drive.
I will select Automatic Partitioning option it will create all required partition automatically.
Step-3.3 Change Hostname setting.

Type the hostname “”
Step-4 Start the Installation process.

Click on Begin Installation button.
Step-5 change the root password & Create a User.

Click on “Root Password” and set your password.
Step-5.1 Set the ‘root’ User Password
Type ‘root’ password and click on ‘Done’.
Step-5.2 Create a User

Create a user for normal activities i will create username “BroExperts” Administrator privileges.

Step-6 Click finish configurations
Wait till the installation process finished.
Step-7 Click on Reboot to see the welcome screen of CentOs 7.

Step-8 You will see the login screen type the username and password.

Step-9 Enjoy the new look

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