A file system is the way how system contains and stores all your files like your documents, games, programs, music, videos etc.In Linux world, the same theory holds true you have directories and  folders in which you arrange your files.
Linux Directory Structure is totally different from windows. How the Linux Directory Structure is look like see this graphical view then we discuss bit about each directory



How Linux FileSystem look like


The Forward Slash (/) called root in Linux directory structure. All other files and directories of Linux system is under the root directory that’s mean where the Linux system begins. Generally the root directory (Folder) contains simply subdirectories, so it’s a bad idea to store save your important data under root.


etc directory contains all configuration files for the Linux system. Nearly all of these configuration files are text files and can be edited by text editor e.g. vi, emac, kwrite, gedit and vim .


Devices and hardware’s are treated as files that are available to a Linux system
If you attached floppy drive, you will find it under this path /dev/fd0, hard drive will be accessible under this location /dev/had (first IDE hard drive), CD drive located under /dev/cdrom drive, and so on.


The /bin directory in Linux system contains the most significant programs that the system needs to work, such as the ls, shells, and other fundamental programs


This directory keeps that data which changes constantly when the system is running e.g. system and program log files.


This directory contains user’s personal files and folders. Every user has their directory under /home and they allowed saving and deleting files in their appropriate directory. This directory is equivalent to windows “C:\Document and Setting” folder.


This is one of the most significant directories in the system as it contains all the user binaries, their documentation, libraries, header files, etc.


root is a superuser of Linux operating system which is equivalent to windows Administrator. The /root directory contains root user home directory (root’s profile).


/mnt directory is contains mount points. Some physical storage hardware and devices like the hard disk drives, floppies, CD-ROM’s must be attached to some directory in the file system tree before they can be accessed. This attaching is called mounting, and the directory where the device is attached is called the mount point. The /mnt directory contains mount point for these devices, like /mnt/cdrom for CD-ROM, /mnt/floppy for floppy drive, and so on. However, you can use other directory as mount point instead of using /mnt.

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