If you are a regular Adobe Photoshop user and most of the time you play around with psd files and if you are looking for how to Views PSD file as Thumbnail same as we see .jpg, png and other image formats in windows 10 file explorer then you are about to learn the quick trick on how to view psd files as thumbnail preview in windows 10.

Views PSD file as Thumbnail


Windows 10 explorer gives you flexibility to edit files view under the view tab so you can easily customize files as per your ease.

You can view as list, detail and large icon view with these options in place you can view photos and videos as thumbnail before opening the file itself.

The problem is: It’s not the case with all the files, windows file explorer will allow you to see JPEG and PNG file as thumbnail as said earlier but for psd file Microsoft does not support thumbnail preview. reason: Microsoft windows file explorer does not support psd preview by default due to license issues.

Now the question is : 

How do I Preview PSD files in Windows Explorer?
Microsoft windows does’t support PSD File preview by default but still you can view the PSD Files Preview in windows Explorer by using third part tools.

PSD-File-PreviewHere come third party developers with their own solution to fix this problem, instead of relying on file names you can Views PSD file as Thumbnail  in the windows file explorer.

Download SageThmbs PSD Thumbnail Viewer for windows 10

This is psd file thumbnail viewer software you can freely download here SageThumb to counter psd thumbnail preview issue in windows 10.

You can download SageThumb and install its latest release to make sure compatibility with your windows.

Now let’s start the installation process, once you download you will double click on the setup file it will bring up this welcome page.

psd_thumbnails sagethumbs

This is pretty straight forward installation process here you have to check for latest version of SageThumbs so you can have updated version. 


Now click on “Install” to begin the installation process.

As soon as you will complete the Installation of SageThumb  you will be able to see the PSD files as thumbnails preview in windows explorer.


SageThumb is very handy utility which adds codec support to the windows file explorer also it does support many other file types you can find out more in the settings menu, if you’r work is dealing with PSD files then its must try utility for you go ahead and give it it a try.

Let us know if you have any other tip to share with others and also mention your experience with the SageThumb

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