What is Linux?

Linux is a 100{1c918b003a0fec779e46518dd4d8df22f3dc554de918030f5a1a0cfd93cb28be} free operating system which is specially designed for multitasking, multi-user networks that is similar to UNIX. Its means Linux is not UNIX. Linux was designed specifically for the low hardware base systems like 386(x86 Intel CPU) platform and released under GNU (General Public License) means 100{1c918b003a0fec779e46518dd4d8df22f3dc554de918030f5a1a0cfd93cb28be} free for public.


“Linux is Open Source” What does that mean?

The code that powers Linux isn’t owned by a company. Instead, it is developed by community that uses it.

History of Linux
Linux was created and developed by a talented student Linus Torvalds in 1991 when he was a student at Helsinki University, Finland. He wrote a source code and then shares it with the world to let everyone have the same excitement as he is. He was right about that, as many programmers interested to try and they compiled and improved the source code and gave him feedback. The feedback was good and lead to the source code version 0.01 available on September 1991. Later, the source code was available in ftp and spread around the world. That’s how it was started.!

Many years passed by, and Linux has become a very popular operating system. Today, many great network programs, security tools and servers including DNS, Email, and Web server similar to those available in UNIX were developed by programmers and hackers around the world.

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