Google’s own pedometer feature, although it has come with several bug fixes lately, isn’t the most accurate one on the web, and sometimes doesn’t even record all of your steps. If you’re looking for a better alternative to Google Pedometer, these are the best Google pedometer alternatives we could find.

Top Best Alternatives of Google Pedometer and

Google pedometer alternatives


Though it isn’t as commonly known, Google Maps also offers a map pedometer for your phone. It allows you to save preferred routes, and unlike some other services is still compatible with older phones or low-memory devices. If you can access a web browser on your phone or you have an iPhone, use an alternative. Otherwise, continue reading below!



Walking (not running) is good for you; however, it can also be fun. For those looking to experience a runner’s high without breaking any personal bests, there’s Walkit. This service provides real-time walking maps that show you a path (and even an estimated distance) that’s specifically designed for your needs and pace—and if you get tired or want to shorten your route, you can simply adjust it.


A long time favorite in pedometer applications, Cruisemapper offers a GPS-powered application that tracks walking routes and calculates your miles-per-hour based on speed. The interface is clean and clear, making it easy to use for people of all ages and abilities. The application does not contain a lot of bells and whistles, but delivers on its promise of helping you track your pace throughout your walk.


This online tool is widely used by runners who are specifically interested in finding out how many miles they’ve run, provided they have an idea of their average pace. This tool can be accessed easily and is mobile friendly; all you need to do is get it onto your device. Then, when you want to run using your phone, simply launch the app and keep it on you while running. It’s completely free to use as well!


Not everybody enjoy walking, especially in crowded cities with noisy and aggressive drivers. Mappedometer is a good place to go on its way. There are precise satellite maps and streets which are marked out even in tiny hamlets. It offers precise maps which can be printed or downloaded to any device for proper use offline for various purposes. The location of an address has been shown with green dots indicating its exact position on gmaps-pedometers page you have earlier seen online.

Geodistance.Com Best Alternative to Google Pedometer

The gmap pedometer is one of our favorite android applications which can help to recored  your daily walking distance. This tool was developed by Google and it’s available for free in play store. It allows you to measure your walking distances with a map and it has a database of over 5 million locations worldwide, so you don’t have to worry about finding your destination on a map before you start walking. Another great feature is that it works offline, meaning that if you are traveling abroad or you don’t have an internet connection, you will still be able to track your route.


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This is by far one of my favorite tools, mainly because it’s so much more than a simple online pedometer. It’s like Mapmyrun combines everything you love about a good running program with an old-fashioned paper map. When I go for runs now, I combine GPS tracking on my phone with Mapmyrun, which lets me record all sorts of fitness data including pace, speed and elevation gain.


This website is one of several gmap pedometer com alternatives that offers a different route planner than google. While some people may prefer to use gmap-pedometer, others like plotaroute as an alternative. It offers a very simple way to take in your start and end location and then find you walking directions. Because it provides more than just car routes, it is an excellent website for cyclists and runners who have no desire to drive everywhere they go.


If you’re unfamiliar with Mapquest, it’s another great resource for finding walking routes around your area. You can input specific addresses or landmarks to find out how long of a walk they are and where they go.

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