How to Block Emails on Gmail on iPhone

In some situations you need to Block Someone to Sending you Unwanted emails such as spam emails or maybe you want to stop your abusive ex from sending you unwanted emails and you want to know “How to Block his/her email Address” in this guide we are going to learn “How to Block Emails on Gmail on iPhone”


You will be pleased to know in gmail its very easy task to block someone permanently from emailing you unwanted / mischievous or spam emails which you want nothing to do with.

If you are intended to block someone or want to stop receiving junk email at any point then you can use gmail settings where you can easily block any email address or sender and there won’t be any notification from them unless you “Unblock” them by yourself.

Step by Step Method “How to block Someone’s Emails Address on Gmail on iPhone

1. Open Gmail App on your iPhone
2. Find the email from the abusive ex or offending sender
3. Tap on “Three Dots” menu and tap on “Block [Sender Name]” Option


Now all the emails from the blocked sender will be landed in the spam folder directly and you won’t even get a bothering notification from them as they are taken care by spam area of your gmail.

how to block an email on iphone

As mentioned above emails from blocked sender will be marked “Spam” Automatically and will be moved to the junk/spam folder.

Now for some reason you want to unblock the sender here is “How you Can Unblock Someone’s email Address on Gmail on iPhone”

How to Unblock

You can unblock by simply repeating the above step.


This is how simply you can revert back the blocked email address to the normal sender, now you can receive their emails back into your inbox as a normal email.

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