In this tutorial i will walk you trough an easy process of “How to Create a Bootable Ubuntu 16.04 USB Flash Drive”. For this tutorial you will need a minimum 2 GB Free Space in USB Flash Drive.


Step-1 : Check System Architecture

In the first step you need to know your system’s type, Either it is 32-bit or 64-bit Architecture. use this command and check your System Type.


Step-2 : Download Ubuntu 16.04 ISO File

As you can see in the above step my computer is 64-bit so i will Download Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit ISO File

If you don’t want to download Hefty ISO Files you can purchase your Ubuntu 16.04 DVD Copy on Very Cheap Rates from below links.

Ubuntu 16.04 DVD (64-bit)

Ubuntu 16.04 DVD (32-bit) (If you have 32-bit OS)

You can also download ISO file directly from Ubuntu Website

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Desktop

Step-3 : Download Universal USB Installer

After Ubuntu has finished downloading now we will move on to the next step which is downloading Universal USB Installer

Universal USB Installer (Linux to USB Utility)

Step-4 : Open Universal USB Installer & Follow the Screenshot instructions


Step-5 :Wait Until the File copy and format process completed after this process you are ready to GO !!


Process has been completed success you are now ready to launch Ubuntu from your USB Flash Drive..!


If you have any Questions Please post in the comment BOX!

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