How to Fix Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate

Pokemon go Unable to Authenticate please try again 2019 Error Solutions Guide

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In this article I am going to talk about most recent Error in Pokémon Go Game where users are reporting when they try to login Pokémon Go Trainer Club one error message prompting saying “Unable to Authenticate please try again”


Here I am going to share how to avoid Pokémon Go Unable to Authenticate problem and what we can do to fix this issue.

Pokémon Go Unable to Authentical

Solutions you can try to avoid Unable to Authenticate error.

  • Airplane mode trick to avoid Unable to Authenticate
  • Check the Pokémon Go Server Status
  • Login With Google Account
  • Force Stop and Launch Game Again
  • Clear the Game Caches on your Phone

Method 1: Airplane mode trick to avoid Unable to Authenticate

You can try this little trick as it works for some users.

When you see “Unable to Authenticate” or game Stuck on the login screen, you can try this little trick to see whether it works for you or not.


  1. Shutdown the Pokémon Go Game completely by clearing the recent open apps.
  2. Go to settings and Turn On “Airplane mode”.
  3. Start Pokémon Go again and you will see a Red popup saying “No internet Connectivity”
  4. Again go to setting and Turn Off “Airplane Mode”
  5. Switch back to Pokémon Go and try to “Log in” Some users reported it works for them

If Above trick didn’t work for you that indicates a server problem, you can verify Pokémon Go’s Server Status.

Method 2: Check the Pokémon Go Server Status

All you have to do is visit below links and find out Pokémon Go’s server status

Follow the below links to find out what Pokémon Go status.


Server status on the above page based on community feedback if you can report your situation too.

Pokemon Go Server Login problem Cause

On this page you can see if the problem with servers so its good indication you should stop trying logging in and try to do something else.


However, you can also check the above link to find out how many users reported the problem, you can also report your own problem.

How To Fix Pokemon Go Login Problems

You can also check the MAP if you are located in one of the red areas then you should stop trying to login for at least 30 minutes.

Method 3: Login With Google Account

Most of the users prefer to login with Pokemon Go Trainer Club Account.

If you are also getting “Pokemon go unable to authenticate” error while trying to login with PTC Server when logging Pokemon Go app.

The Solution is you can Choose logging with Google Account, and play the the game without getting logged in.

Method 4: Force Stop and Launch Game Again

This method also helps many users to counter “Pokemon go unable to Authenticate error” on iOS and Android Devices.

This method is very easy and quick all you have to do Force Closing and Re-Launching game.

1# iOS Devices: Press the Home Button Twice on your iPhone to see recent apps and Close the the Pokémon Game and launch it again.

2# Android Devices : Simply navigate to Settings > APPs > Pokémon Go > Tap on Force Stop and Re-launch it.

Method 5: Clear the Game Caches on your Phone

Sometimes when nothing works this little trick can do the magic, so don’t ignore this and give it a try.

1# Go to Settings > Apps > Pokémon Go App > Clear the caches and clear data
2# Start the Game again.

Final Words

I hope you guys find this information helpful, you can also share this with your friends who might experience the same problem tag them on Facebook, Twitter or Google plus.

Tell us in the comment box if you find something more informative related to “Unable to Authenticate” Error message in Pokémon Go Game.

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