Did you receive an email from YouTube “Important changes coming to YouTube; you need to take action” ?

YouTube has made a big Change in their audience settings “Made for Kids”


All the YouTube Creators need to tell if their video content is made for kids or not, these changes are basically the implementation of the new law Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and/or other applicable laws.

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Either you make videos for kids or not, it is critically important to make the right changes on your audience settings.

This new change in the YouTube audience will effect on your upload settings and on all your existing videos, and potentially your earnings.

So make sure you do the right changes that rightly describe your content.

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What you need to do for the new YouTube “Made for Kids” Changing.

As of Now, all YouTube Creators are required to mention all their content made for kids or not made for kids in YouTube Studio.

You can make these changes at Two Levels

  • Channel Level
  • Video Level 

Channel Level Changing  ( If your Channel content “Not Made for Kids” )

If you visit my YouTube Channel you will find we have all the content related to Tech HowTos.

My Youtube videos are not made for kids so i can do the setting on channel level to mark all my videos as “Not Made for Kids”

If your content Made “Not for Kids” you just need to make below changes to set the audience settings to “No, Set this channel as not made for kids, i never upload content that’s made for kids”.

  • These settings will be implemented on all your old videos too.

Channel Level Changing ( If your Channel content Made for Kids )

It totally depends on the amount of made for kids content on your YouTube channel, if you channel only has made for kids content set your audience settings to “I want to review this settings for every video”

Video Level Changing

Now if you have videos on your channel which are made for kids, you follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Videos
  2. Select the each video you want to change to “Made for Kids” and click “Edit” Select “Audience”

You will see the below settings where you can change the settings as per your video contents made for.

But, make sure to choose the correct option that makes the most sense for that specific video.

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