Meet Firefox Quantum

Firefox is a popular browser among the internet users, and as of facts its 2nd most popular web browser on the internet.


Firefox Quantum

  • In 2008 Firefox has made a Word Record.

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And now again Firefox challenged the Chrome by releasing its Fastest Internet Browser Firefox Quantum.

Firefox Quantum Is released yesterday 15th Nov 2017 and its breaking the internet as it uses 3% Less Memory than today’s Chrome Browser and it is 2x Faster than the Best Firefox Browser ever made.

Meet Mozilla Firefox Quantum Download Here

It will perform better even if you have slower internet connection so it’s good to download if you want a Best Performer Browser in today’s internet history.

This is the major change in the history of Firefox they had invested 6 years of research and 1.5 years of engineering works output of this effort you can see in the shape of Firefox Quantum.

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