In this tutorial I am going to install DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) on Windows Server 2012 R2. DHCP Is basically for Assigning IP Address and additional networks configuration to the client devices automatically, it is essential when working with larger networks.

Manually assigning IP Addresses becomes quite difficult to manage and ultimately It will cause the extra work burden over the shoulder of an Administrator so here comes the DHCP to solve the problems.


Lear more about DHCP Server 2012 :

Before we start let me Explain how my server is setup.


Hostname : DC.broexperts.local
Domain     : Broexperts.local
NetMask   :

Note : This Server is a Domain Controller.


DHCP Server Installation on Windows Server 2012 R2


Okay, As we knows what is DHCP now let’s start the Installation Process.
Step -1 : Open ‘Server Manager’ and Navigate to ‘Local Server’ Option. To install DHCP Server need to click on ‘Manage > Add Roles and Features’ to bring up the Installation wizard.














Step -2 : Select ‘Role Based or Feature based Installation’ and click ‘Next’.
















Step -3 : Select ‘Role Based or Feature based Installation’ and click ‘Next’.
















Step -4 : Select ‘DHCP Server’ Check Box and click ‘Next’.















Step -5 : Leave it as Default settings and click ‘Next’.















Step -6 : This is Informative page indicating server IP Address must be static and some information for planning subnets etc.. Read out and click ‘Next’.















Step -7 : This is confirmation page if you are ready to install click ‘Install’ check restart server box if necessary it will restart the server to effect the changes.















Step -8 : Installation process has begins wait till progress bar completes.















Step -9 : After the first wizard you will find a Yellow Notification mark on the top bar indicating to ‘Complete DHCP Configuration’. Let’s do it !!











Step -10 : Click on the ‘Complete DHCP Configuration’ Link it will bring up a new Wizard click ‘Next’ to start.















Step -11 : Use the Authorized User Account to Authorize this DHCP Server on Domain, and also remember only authorized DHCP Server can provide the Addresses to the clients in a domain network. I am going to use “Domain Administrator” and Click ‘Commit’.















Step -12 : This Screen shows post install summery we can click ‘Close’















Now ‘Reboot’ The Server and DHCP Server is Installed the next part we will look into How to Configure DHCP Server.

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